Hi all, and welcome, welcome to my new website!

I'm so glad you're here. Web design is FAR from my expertise so to have anyone visiting a page I put together myself is surreal! (Of course, I had my dear friend and incredible developer Laura Pearse support me on the tech side of things. God knows I would've struggled to make sense of all those figurative 0s and 1s. But I beautified it to the best of my abilities!)

This digital journal will be where I post poems, prose, stories, musings, ideas, questions... whatever comes to mind that I think would be worth mulling over in good company. I hope to utilize this space more in the days to come to post more writing, as well as possibly some videos and other creative content. I dream of writing more, sharing more, speaking up more, learning more, sharing what I'm learning more... Excited to be able to use this thing for, well, just about everything.

Thank you all for supporting me this far, and I am so, so anticipating to see what's around the corner.

- torri r.h. blue

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