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If this if your first visit, I'm so happy you're curious enough to stop by, and if not, I'm so glad you're back! Subscribe here for poetry, writing prompts and reflections, a space to share your thoughts, and of course the occasional sales on prints and custom poetry here at :)

This is my attempt at creating a meaningful alternative to social media, where we can connect with more thoughtfulness, more on-purposeness, with less distraction, less noise. With a membership to The Daylily, you'll have access to new poetry, monthly writing prompts and reflections, and an open thread where we can talk about it all together. It can be engaged as a supplement to the no-cost newsletters I'll be sending as well, or as a stand-alone creative and reflective space. I look forward to reading your own thoughts and musings and poetry here as well.

So looking forward to connecting with y'all however you choose to connect!