All We Have of God

All We Have of God

If all we have of God is
the earth we stand on, the
water that covers it &
makes trees to grow,
& one another,
I believe it is enough.
So I Say to Myself

So I Say to Myself

My dog and I have this in common:
when we are anxious, the sun helps.
Today we sit outside together,
nowhere to go, just here,
to smell and to feel and to listen.
But Mostly of Life

But Mostly of Life

It is 33ยบ outside, and I am
driving with my windows down,
my open hand in the blowing cold,
the angle of my arm steering
the flight of January air
so it fills my car with itself.


I can check the weather later.
I can think about the things I need to write
in the cards I need to buy, but later.
I can worry about
who will watch my dog tomorrow,
if it storms, later;


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